Dec 27, 2006

no more excuses

Yesterday I had Pilate's at 7a and had planned on running 4 miles before but my car had a flat front tire and by the time I actually got to the gym it was almost 7. My lesson went well - my hamstrings were a little tight but generally I'm progressing well. I can defiantly feel a difference in the stability of my core :) So after Pilate's I had to head back and deal with my car before I went in to work - which of course took way longer than expected - pretty much an all day event. So the day was stressful for many reasons and I just never got myself to go out running in the pouring rain.
Today I did much better. Before I went to bed last night I got some good reassurance about my job and it started snowing big huge flakes - both of which put me in a way better mind set. This morning when I woke up at about 5a everything was covered in an inch or two including the roads.
I got up and checked the Bellevue road cameras to see what it looked like on the roads to the club and they looked manageable so I got my self out the door. I made it a couple minutes before the 6a spin class. I felt really good - it was a endurance focused class with 30 min or so of consistent high cadence (90s) then about 30 min of gradual increased seated climbing/increased resistance. I really tried to keep my upper body quite and keep my core active and stable. I felt bad about missing my run yesterday and I felt pretty good so I ran 2 miles after the spin class. It was cold, very wet and I know I'm not supposed to do that but I felt like I needed it.

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