Dec 20, 2006

all mixed up

This whole power outage thing is starting to wear on me and my power is not even out - but half the gym is closed and I can't seem to get a couple of days of work outs straight. Yesterday I did have Pilate's even though the front desk people said they were not doing them due to the power outage. It was good but the room was cold and kind of dark. I was supposed to swim but since my normal pool is closed I was going to swim with Kyle at his other gym - he wound up working till after 9 (pool closed at 10). I could have gone and swam at Helen Madison with Col at 8 but in the effort to spend some time with Kyle I choose him and his pool. So in the end I did not get my swim in :(
Today I just mixed up my work outs - I did 45 min of stairs and then stretched when I was supposed to run 5 miles and do arms. I figure tomorrow I have Pilates and afterwards I can do my run esp since I'm taking the day off from work to deal with Holiday stuff and go to the Nutcracker with Kyle and Joan.
I can't wait for things to go back to normal...

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