Dec 7, 2006


I had great fun this morning swimming - though the pool was very cold getting in (I don't get it). This mornings goal was to build up my endurance by swimming an overall longer distance.
The plan was to warm up with 200
drills 100

4 X 50 easy
3 X 100 moderate
2X 150 mod hard
1 x 200 easy
2 x 150 mod hard
3 X 100 moderate
4 X 50 easy (actually just kept going for a 200 easy)

cool down 100
Total=2200 yrds Actual overall time: 61 min

I kept my rest time as short as I could between intervals (take a couple breathes and go) and around 45 sec or so between distance change. I felt really good the whole time even in the longer sets I kept my pace even. My shoulder never really hurt much - only when I fell back on bad form when I breathed but I quickly corrected and was all better. I think that last lesson really helped - the wall of the pool seemed to come at me sooner and for the first time I wanted to keep swimming more just because it felt good - to bad I had to go to work lol.

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