Dec 11, 2006

always fun to push the legs

This morning I did 20 min of stairs on the stair mill to warm up. Then a leg workout. Squats with 10lb ball on balance board x 50. One leg squats on balance board with 10lb ball x 25 on each leg x 3 sets. Lunges with one foot on a bosu with 10lb ball 25 each x 3 sets. Balance on one foot while tossing a 5lb ball side to side to side 50 tosses on each leg x 2 sets. Hamstring curls with ball 25 with both legs , 25 on each leg x 2 sets. Calf raises to fatigue. Lateral side jumps 50 x 2 sets. Then I stretched out really well. I felt pretty strong - it did take me a bit to get some of the single legs stuff stable and not shaky but I was able to do it.
I tried to go to bed early last night but it took me a while to fall asleep - it is always hard when Kyle is away. I think I need to be getting more sleep so this week I will try and go to bed at least an hour earlier - hopefully by 10ish rather than 11-12. Which will give me 7-7.5 hours vs only 6 hours of sleep.

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