Dec 24, 2006


After the power outage fiasco last weekend, getting ready for the holiday and an issue at work I just have not been on top of posting my workouts. Now that I have a moment to go over what I have done since the last post. Thursday I had Pilate's in the morning - as usual it went really well. She had me do a new hanging pull up thing which was really difficult. I'm starting to get the inverted sit up things pretty good as well :) Afterwards I went for an easy 5 mile or 50 minute run down on west lake sammamish pkwy. I felt good - I really tried to keep my pace up and keep it "easy". The great thing is that my foot has not been bothering me. I was a bit low on energy but I think that was mostly due to eating to many Christmas cookies the night before. lol
Friday I took off as a rest day - though it is was mostly full of stress from work. oh well. Saturday I was going to ski or ride but instead I finished holiday shopping :( and of course it was pouring rain and Kyle would not take his bike out of the garage in that weather. lol
Today I talked Kyle into getting up early - well earlier than he would have liked 8:30am and go for a 4 mile run with me. We just went down to sammamish trail and did 2 out and then back. I felt ok though my mouth of filmy the entire time which made it hard to breath. Other wise it was good - since the miles were marked I could check our pace :) 1 - 9 min, 2 - 8:25, 3 - 9, 4 - 8:16 :) for a total time of 34:41 min. We finished right before it started raining and raining and raining..

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