Dec 18, 2006

cold nights

I feel like a total slacker and did not do my Friday, Saturday and Sunday workouts but this weekend was kind of crazy. (Of cource Kyle lectured me about keeping everything in perspective and letting it go - it is only December). We lost power late Thursday night and it stayed out till mid morning Sunday. It was cold.. Luckily we have a gas range and gas hot water heater so we were able to cook and take hot showers. We tried to heat the house using the fireplace but it only did so much. I'm still just so happy we got our power back. My mom and a lot of other people won't have power till maybe the end of the week - even the rest of our neighborhood is still dark.
This morning I tried to get back on track with a 4 mile run with a hill. It was crazy cold so I waited till there was a sliver of daylight ie 7am to start. I started at the club and ran down hill to the trail out a mile then back and up the long hill back. I felt pretty good - kind of cold but good. No pain in my foot which is always wonderful. The hill still kicked my but but I kept going and keep my pace up as much as possible.
Then I tried to do an arm and abs workout but the club only has half of its power back. Only one cardio area was open and the only weights they had were in the circuit training area. It was sweltering hot and sooo crowded I just did a quick few bicep curls and shoulder raises then stretched out as much as I could.

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