Dec 13, 2006

years gone by

First off I was completely exhausted yesterday morning from getting up a couple times in the middle of the night to check on Pixel (my cat) to giver her pain medication and do to just general concern for her. So I did not do my planned 3 mile morning run :(
I did still meet Colleen to go for a swim in the evening at Helene Madison Pool - which is where I learned how to swim and swam at till I was about 13. It was so strange being back everything looked smaller and the entire time we were there I was remembering little things. Anyway on to the workout - The goal was 2000 yrds but I ran out of time and only got in about 1800 yrds.
Warm up - 300 yrds
Drills - 200 yrds
Main set -
100 @ 1:50 15 sec rest x 3
200 with pull buoy easy
100 @ 1:52 15 sec rest x 3
200 with pull buoy easy
100 @ 1:55 15 sec rest x 3

I felt kind of tired but generally ok. It took me a while to get warmed up and moving. Once I got going I really tried to maintain good form esp when I got tired. I'm still not very patient when I breath and some times I fall back on pushing down rather than pulling back - but at least I was able to recognise it and correct quickly.

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