Sep 30, 2006

late night run

Today was a busy day with lots of weekend distractions - Kyle's flight was delayed, his cousin came to visit, dinner with mom - all these things kept me from running until about 8pm. Since it was so late and Kyle was not up for my goal of 8-9 miles I went to the gym for the ultimate challenge of doing a long run on the treadmill. I ran the first 2 miles at a 9 min mile pace and then since I had not fully digested my dinner and felt nauseous I walked for about 15 min at a 12 min mile pace. I felt better so I went for my original goal of 8 miles in 80 min max. I started at a 9 min mile pace for the 4th mile, and increased my speed each mile to catch back to my goal time. Every once and while I would pick up the pace even more for a min or two then go back. I was averaging an 8.5 min mile or so for the next 4 miles and 8 min mile for the last mile. So I did 8 miles in 80:05 min by this time they had turned all the lights on and were getting ready to close up the gym at 10. I stretched for 10 min and headed home to stretch out more. Other than having to much food before I felt pretty good. My knee felt good esp once I got in a good rhythm. Thankfully for my ipod I watched a movie to keep me from going insane - well until the battery went out and I kept catching my hand on the earphone cord and throwing it to the floor. lol nothing was damaged luckily.. but the last 20 min were all about finishing. :)

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