Sep 22, 2006

and Molly says...

My massage therapist Molly says that I seem to have torn and strained some of my quad muscle by my knee. She could feel some torn muscle tissue - and put her finger in it which hurt a lot. lol Also some of the surrounding and lower tissues was definitely strained. She said I do need to let it heal - though she knows me and never said that I should not do anything just that I need to let it heal and that I do heal fast but still.. So now I don't know whether or not to do Black Diamond on Sunday.. Kyle of course doesn't think I should - but I think half of that is because he does not really want to do it. Tonight I'm taking it easy and just resting and icing. I guess just see how it feels tomorrow and go from there.
I'm super bummed about the chance that I "should" not do the event. I hate letting an "injury" bench me and I really wanted the chance to know that I could do a longer race. But I guess if it means prolonging being in pain... I can focus on the half marathon in November (which is plenty I guess). On the other hand I can always walk the 10k if it hurt - but that would be frustrating to... Who am I kiding I know I should not push it and risk getting more hurt..

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