Sep 29, 2006

empty pool

I got to the pool around 5:45am and it was completely empty. :) I felt sleepy this morning but generally good. Started with 300yrds of warm up. Then catch up drill with exaggerated rotation 100yrds - one arm drills 50yrds each arm - the end of stroke drill 50yrds. For my main sets I did 50yrds w/ pull buoy, 2 x 50yrds. 100yrds w/ buoy, 2 x 100yrds. 150yrds w/ buoy. 200yrds w/ buoy. 150yrds. 200yrds breast stroke. Cool down 200yrds. I swam for about 50 min or so, I really tried to minimise my rest times and keep good form though out. My knee feels great and I spent some time stretching out my legs and IT band since I was warmed up..

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