Sep 24, 2006

weekend recap

Saturday I focused more on catching up on random chores and misc stuff around the house that had been neglected over the last 3 months or so.. I intended on get a swim in but never did.
Sunday was much better. I met Colleen for hot yoga - which was really good. I treated myself to one of those towels with grippers though I think I used it upside down (oh well). But the towel was great I had great grip for all the postures and never felt like I was slipping. After class we look another look at this weeks plan and I'm going to try and stick to it just be aware of how my quad feels and don't push it to much.
Later in the day i went and swam at the pool. My quad felt alright as long as I just did a flutter kick or used the pull buoy - it hurt when I did breast stroke so none of that for a while. I swam for about 60 min doing the same work out as earlier in the week but about half way though my sets I forgot where I was and started over at the 50 yrd sets. I also worked really hard at trying to be patient with my stokes and breath on both sides rather than just my right. All in all I felt good I also added in some bicycle motion kicks off the wall to test my knee and it felt good.
All in all yes it was bummer not to do the olympic tri but I think it was the smart thing to do since the last thing I was is a long term injury. At this point it already feels like it is healing and the faster the better :)

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