Sep 26, 2006

evening swim

I had a great swim workout with Colleen tonight. Started out with some warm up 100yards sets of freestyle, kick, and pull buoy. The we did a bunch of drill to help my technique. Lets see if I can remember them all.. Started with rotating to each side and really extending my arm out in front. Then finishing each stroke but pushing my hand back up out of the water with some force. One arm drills, which i got confused on which arm i was working on when and which side to breath on - go figure. I think that was it. Other pointers included getting my head in the correct position so my legs would float better - ie look down or even behind when swimming. Kick with entire leg rather than just lower legs. I hope I'm not forgetting anything..
Then we did a ladder 25 yards, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 150, 100, 75, 50, 25. I might have lost track on the 200 and did 250 accidental.. That was about it - I think it was around 9pm by then so just did a little stretching and got out.
Colleen told me about a after swim product to help get rid of the chlorine smell and stuff called Triswim. Which I defiantly going to check out. All in all I felt good a bit tired on the 200 or 250. My knee felt great no pain at all. I even did a breast stroke kick a couple times and it felt just fine. yeah it is healing :) Now I'm really tired and I'm going to go to sleep/passout. lol

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