Sep 20, 2006

about 1600 yrds swim

As a recap yesterday was an unexpected day of rest - well of not working out anyway. I was at the office from 6:30am till almost 1:30 am with an hour break for dinner at 8pm. It was kind of crazy but that is the word of advertising for you.
So tonight I got back in the swing of training. The plan was warm up 300yds: 100 freestyle, 100 kick, 100 using pull buoy. Drills practice single arm drill, 25yds x 2 each right and left, practice catch-up drill 50 yds (total of 150 for drills or any others you know). Main set: 3 x 50 yds rest 5 seconds after each. 3 x 100 yds rest 10 seconds after each. 2x150 yds rest 15 seconds after each. 1 x 200 yds rest 20 seconds. cool down easy 200 yards for a total of 1600 yds depending on cool down.
I felt pretty good. I did all the distances though my rest times were slightly longer. I found out that I'm much more coordinated doing one arm drill when I use my right arm vs my left. I was all over the place when I used my left and just got all confused with my breathing and stuff... Guess I need to work on that one :) I really loved having a more structured swim workout - I definitely felt like I got more accomplished. Another note is that my knee did not hurt at all :)
After swimming I got my bike fitted correctly - which will hopefully help prevent the knee pain I felt on the last two longer rides I have done. Colleen mved a couple things around and they all felt more comfortable but to be sure I will ride my bike around the block a few time in the next day or so.

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