Sep 16, 2006

Tour de vine

We had a great ride starting in Wenatchee and out through the Wenatchee Valley to Leavenworth through beautiful landscapes of fruit orchards and wineries. We rode on back country roads and it seems got out there before most other people. The morning was chilly but the sun was shinning and the views were wonderful. The only negative was that my left knee joint started to hurt really bad especially when I pushed on it to climb. I toughed through it as best I could and after each hill spinned and caught back up with Kyle, Bryan and Colleen. At the half way point we adjusted my seat back and adjusted the positon of my cleat on my shoe to bring my knee back and my heal in. It seemed to help - or maybe it was more that we got to ride down hill a lot more. I'm proud of my self for pushing through the at time major pain and staying with the group. (yeah they also waited for me after long hills so I could just spin so my knee did not hurt to bad). But still I feel good. The best rest stop was the bakery as we finished up. they had really good bread and other snacks. We will be stoping there on our way out of town :)
Colleen & Bryan at the start

Mac & Kyle

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