Jul 30, 2007

no flats

Last night i started to get my bike stuff together so I could do a ride in the morning and low and behold I had a flat front tire... That bring the count up to 5 flats in the last 2 weeks. Kyle used our last good tube to fix it so I had no back up. This morning I did not feel like pushing my luck so instead of going for the ride I went into work early - so that I could leave early and grab a couple of tubes as backup on my way home then ride. the plan worked perfect except that to avoid the nasty new surface on part of east lake samm I decided to ride on the sammamaish trail which was rather crowed at 5pm - rather than working on my aero position it was more about bike handling and avoiding collisions with people.
My left leg was still a bit tight before I started and it felt more tighter for about 10 miles and finally felt like it loosened up or at least I did not notice it anymore. I got off the trail almost as soon as I got on it because it was so crowded and just kind of made up a route as I went. I'm not sure what i was thinking but I decided to climb the steepest of hills to choose from to get back home - 24th - which has a very steep section which took me fully anaerobic but I made it to the top with out stopping or anything like that. Once to the top I just spun and caught my breath which seemed to take forever and headed home.
Once I got off my bike my left calf started hurting more even when just walking around.. I stretched, massaged, iced and repeated - none the less it still hurts which will put me on the elliptical/efx tomorrow morning vs running. I will continue massaging/icing and hopefully will get it loosened up before the weekend. I'm optimistic - if nothing else I just need to make it through this last big push and then I have 2 weeks to get it sorted out with lots of massages already on the books.

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