Jul 17, 2007

new shoe run

I picked up a pair of Asics GEL-DS Trainer® 12 to start breaking in so I can wear them in Canada... Of course I had to wear them for my run tonight. I planned on running 5 miles on the cushy trail/sidewalk on 140th but I only sort of knew the mileage so I estimated by using time (a 10 min mile for easy math). So my goal was just to run for less than 50 min. I felt great from the start - the new shoes rocked it felt like I was running on pillows or clouds with just enough feeling of the road to know I was not rolling out. The route gradually went down hill, then back up, then down again and back up to finish. The weather was perfect for running, not to hot, not to cold. I warmed up pretty quick and did not have any problems breathing like I did the last couple of runs. I kicked the pace up for the last 5 min - mostly because my watch said 40 min and I wanted to be under 50 min... I finished feeling really strong with no pain anywhere. I stretched out and headed home.
Once home I mapped the route and I actually ran 6.4 miles! and even more shocking I did it in 45:36:27. No wonder I felt so good - I was cruising :)

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