Jul 29, 2007


Friday night I did a nice easy ride around lake sammamish sort of with Kyle and Bri but I did my own thing. I knew I had a long run the next morning and I did not want my legs to be tired so I just cruised along at my own pace. There is some new "pavement" stuff on the east side of the lake that stuck to my tires and it sounded like a flat tire.. then once I got past there I actually got a flat tire - a wire thing punctured my rear tire. I really hope that I'm just getting them out of the way right now. The rest of the ride was very uneventful. Total mileage was 27.5 in 1:31.

On Saturday morning Kyle and I met up with Col and Bryan to do a long run from the McClellan Butte trail to Hyak via the Iron Horse trail plus 2 miles in the Snoqualmie tunnel - it was a point to point run so we left a car at each end. I was planning on running 14 miles and everyone else was going for 16 so Col and I ran up the trail part 5 min or so ahead of the guys since it was fairly technical single track then Col waited for them and they ran out a bit to add mile on to the start while I just started heading up on my way. From where we started on the Iron Horse trail it is ALL uphill to Hyak on sort of gravelly rough old railroad grade. It was gradual so it just felt slow and hard. I noticed mile markers on the side of the trail which helped keep me motivated even though my pace was over 10 min a mile.
My stomach was a bit upset for the first 5 miles or so but I kept eating, drinking and taking salt and otherwise felt good. It was around mile 7ish that my left leg started to get kind of tight so I would stop for a moment and massage it to loosen it up a bit then keep going and so on - it slowed me down a little bit but I was able to keep running and keep the pain manageable. Kyle and Col passed me about 2 miles before the tunnel - I ran with Kyle to try and point out the mile markers for him but finally gave up and went back to my 10 min pace.
It was around mile 10 that I reached the Snoqualmie tunnel - by now my leg was starting to hurt more but I did not want to walk in the tunnel. Luckily Bryan caught me right before going into the tunnel. I turned on my headlamp and Bryan had a flashlight so he just fallowed my feet. It was really dark and cool inside the tunnel. Luckily the trail was pretty smooth so it went really well. The weirdest part was the fog I created as I breathed.. it was like running with foggy goggles on in the dark. The best part was that having to deal with the darkness helped take all my focus off of my leg and I was able to run the entire 2 mile through the tunnel.
Once out of the tunnel I decided I was done - my leg was hurting and I did not want to make it worse. I only ran 12 miles and it took me 2:08. While everyone else kept running I stretched and massaged my legs to try and get them to loosen up.
We all got to shower up at the really nice showers up at Hyak then Kyle and I spent the rest of Saturday taking it easy, mostly eating and relaxing - even managed to watch a movie.

Today we got up to watch the final stage of the tour de france while it poured rain outside. Went and got a bagel with some friends before going to mom's garden party. I'm supposed to do a swim and bike ride today but I don't have any energy today, my legs/hips are very sore and now at 8pm I have not done either the swim or bike ride...

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