Jul 7, 2007

Last night I tagged along with Col and Bryan for a nice little 4.5 mile run. It was perfect because they were running "easy" which is closure to moderate for me so even though I was planned to run 6 I think it worked out well. To mix it up just a bit Col decided we would run the route in reverse. I really like running around green lake because it always means there is at least some soft surfaces not just sidewalks or asphalt. The uphill was a bit challenging but in all I felt good the entire run with no leg or foot pain. The closest I came was a bit of tightening on the last mile I think mostly because the trail sort of fell away to teh left but even so I felt like I could have kept running which is always a reassuring feeling. In all it took us about 38:34 to run somewhere around 4.5 miles.

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