Jul 7, 2007

Lake Stevens registration and pre-race swim

Now just to start off I'm not doing the entire 70.3 tomorrow - I'm just doing the bike leg as part of Tri-style relay team with Col - mostly so that neither of us overtrain by doing the full race right now. So today the crew (Kyle, Bryan, Steph, Kyle and I) all carpooled up for registration, "mandatory" meeting, bike check in and an open water swim to test the waters. The meeting took forever and they did not have many answers so it was kind of boring and not very helpful. Then we registered and no one seemed to know anything about relay teams and how things were going to work and then they had already ran out of small womans shirts so I have to wait for them to mail it.. We did check out some really cool shorts at the Jaggad booth.
Once we finished we went and checked bikes in - I'm right by the finish under a tree - it did not look like there were very many relay teams but who knows.
Next up was the swim - everyone else was just going to do a short little swim (for good reason) but since I'm not swimming tomorrow in the race I went a bit longer and swam 30 min. I felt really good and was surprised at the visibility in the water (though I was not impressed by the garbage I could see at the bottom). I did two laps out to a bouy since there was a lot of boat traffic.
It is kind of strange I don't feel any of the stress I felt before doing Hawaii 70.3 - I think mostly because I'm only doing the bike but at the same time it is rather nice. Fingers cross that they day will go smoothly for everyone :) OK off to bed I go it will be a very early morning.

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