Aug 2, 2007

last couple days

Tuesday morning my leg still hurt some so rather than running I did the same mileage/time on an efx/elliptical at the gym. It was boring but it was easier on my leg - in all I did 34min but it felt like much longer. Afterwards I stretched out and massaged my leg as much as I could.

After work I met Col for an open water swim at green lake. I made sure to remind myself many times before and during the swim that "I'm a strong swimmer". It sounds dumb but I felt a lot better the entire swim, it did not matter when I was behind Col or when I got a bit tired I just reminded myself that I could do this and "I'm a strong swimmer" and I kept going. The water as usual was choppy but luckily i think I only got some up my nose once - always a plus.
Col pointed out that I was not rotating as much as I did in the pool so the rest of the time I focused on that. I always feel like I'm going to roll over the other side in the wetsuit but I swam a tad faster -or at least it seemed. I swam for about and hour and afterwards I felt a lot more confident for Canada.

Wednesday was rest day so that I would have plenty of energy for the weekend so all I did was sleep in and take it easy - oh and iced my leg and foot for good measure a couple times while at work.

Thursday morning I got up early and did a 4 mile run - I was rather reluctant to get out going because my leg still feels tight and all that. Luckily once I got going it was alright. I ran 2 miles down hill then had to do the same back up hill. It was a tad chilly so I was glad I wore a long sleeve shirt. In all the run went well, my leg got sort of tight around mile 3 but nothing to bad.

This (Friday) morning I did a long (3100yrds) swim in the pool. I sort of rolled out of bed but made it to the pool around 5:45a. I did not want to mess with much math so I planned long sets.. 400 warm up, 500, 100 hard, 400, 100 hard x 2, 800, 100 hard, 100 cool down. I focused a lot on form, and on the 100 yrds hard I was able to pick up the pace to 1:46 which felt great. I was surprised at how easy it was to swim long sets - I remember when 500 seemed like forever. I finished up in 1:03 which also made me feel more confident about Ironman Canada. I know I could swim another 1100yrds in under 30 min which would put my swim time at around 90 min :)

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