Jul 19, 2007

wetsuit approved

Last night was the maiden swim in my new wetsuit - the Blue Seventy Helix Long John. I was a bit worried since of course the first time I have ever swam in a long john suit it is colder and even raining. It takes me longer to get into the new suit - I guess because it is a bit more fitted and snug than my last one. Once I got it on and put some body glide around my neck I was off and swimming. The water felt perfect and I love the suit. It took a few more adjustments in the water - my necklace was being pressed into my neck by the collar which was easily fixed. Next time I will need to put some body glide around the arm holes just to be safe. The thing I like the most is that I can actually feel the water when I pull - it really helped me be able to focus almost the entire time I was swimming. Col & I got sort of a late start so on each breath I got to see the sun set - my goggles made it look really bright and blue. I still was slower than Col but I did not feel as far behind as I have been on other days. We swam for about 40 min - the sun was pretty much gone when we were done.. So all and all it was a good swim.

This morning I got up early and road around Lake Sammamish and added a couple of miles of hills to do 25 miles. It was a really nice morning, the sun was coming up, no rain and best of all no traffic. The ride was really uneventful - my legs felt strong especially on the hills. I didn't try to push it to hard or anything just kepted my pace up even on the rolling hills of the lake road. It took me about 1:25 to get back home then I was back to the real world and had to get ready to go to work...

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