Sep 2, 2007

sort of back

This morning in an effort to both get back into the habit of training again and to stretch out I went to Bikram/hot yoga. The instructor was not the best but it still was hot and I got some really good stretching in. I felt pretty good during but about 2 hours afterwards I completely hit a wall. Kyle and I went to breakfast and on our way home I just got so tired as soon as we were back home I layed down just for a minute. So 2 hours later Kyle came in and asked if I was going to ever get up since it was 3pm. It really only felt like 30 min or something but I guess I was asleep for 2 hours. So I'm guess I'm not fully recovered - not that I was expecting to be.

Update on race report - I plan to have it doen by end of day tomorrow.

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