Sep 8, 2007

recovering in Maui

Just a few quick things - Kyle and I have been enjoying a wonderful vacation to celebrate some friends getting married in Maui this week (sadly we go home tomorrow night). So I have gradually started getting back to some sort of exercise. Before leaving on Wed afternoon I ran 4 miles around greenlake with Col. As usual I started out a little fast and came to regret it later. I was sort of surprised I did not feel worse - I mean my legs were sort of heavy and my energy was dragging but I kind of just ran the speed I felt like going and it turned out to be about an 8:23 pace. The the other surprise is later in the day I never hit the wall - I did not require a 2 hour nap like after yoga the other day.
We got to Maui late Wed night so we went straight to dinner and then to sleep.
Thursday morning we got up early and headed straight to the beach for a swim and found out that the beach at our hotel sucks for swimming so it was a short one. Though later in the day we found a better beach and went for about a 30 min swim. Kyle saw a sea turtle and there were tons of fish so it was an entertaining swim. I have to say I love swimming in warm salt water - it is like have a wetsuit on but way better. In the evening we went to the rehearsal dinner on a catamaran - sadly there was no wind at all so never really got to sail but otherwise it was a lot of fun.
Friday morning we ran - we both put on our garmins and just started running down the street in front of our hotel. Even at 7am it was already warm and sunny so we both took a salt and I should have probably ate something before because I was sort of dragging a bit. We took it easy and I was just a bit behind Kyle the whole way. We just did a simple out and back and on the way back I stopped for a second at park and washed my face off which did help me feel a bit better. In all we only ran 3 miles in 26:35 min but my legs felt good - still not back to normal but manageable.
Friday afternoon/evening was the wedding which was a lot of fun. Dinner was amazing and the entire event fit the couple perfectly. By the end of the evening everyone was in the pool. lol Needless to say we got to bed late.
This morning I was still awake early and we went out to another beach near by to swim and check out the fish/turtles. We saw two turtles and ton of fish but it was really crowded and kind of windy so we only swam for about 30 min or so. Then later on we went to a bbq at the bride and grooms house and afterwards a group all went to a great little bay for snorkeling so Kyle and swam. We swam in the bay for about an hour or so. We swam to the opening of the bay and back so the current and wind was kind of strong on the way back in so it was a tough swim. The cool was we saw 2 turtles and swam around with them for quite a while and whole bunch of different fish we had not really seen before. I was thoroughly tired afterwards.
Tonight we pack our bag so we can check out super early so we can go do 2.5 hours of kayaking tomorrow morning before we fly out in the evening. So we may or may not run tomorrow but I can guarantee we will swim again... I would post of pics but I can't seem to find either my camera corn or my card reader so when I find those things I will post pics. I highly recommend Maui as the perfect place to recover from an Ironman race.. The combination of relaxed island time and nice weather are perfect. :)

Other news is that both Kyle and I are registered for the Ironman 70.3 Hawaii on May 30th, 2008 with the goal of doing better than this year (should be easy since I walked the whole half marathon) and hopefully we can talk some more of the crew into jdoing it again.

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