Sep 25, 2007

low energy

Monday night Col joined me for a strength work out after work. We did a slew of different stuff - essentially one exercise per muscle group. My upper body is really not very strong - especially compared to my lower body (due to all those years of skiing). So it was kind of funny Col was strong with the upper body stuff and I was stronger on the lower body - I would rather do lower body any day. Then we did a bunch of core work.
On Tuesday I woke up very tired and with a sore throat. I pushed off my 3 mile run and just went into work. Work is really crazy but I dragged all day and just felt horrible most of the day. Kyle told Col how bad I was actually feeling so I was then told not to do my 3 mile run... After work I went home and took a nap. My abs - esp my obliques were especially sore from Mondays strength stuff.
Wednesday day I was still dragging so I took a sick day and did some work from home while also taking naps all day long. It was wonderful. It was really nice out so I did go for an easy ride around Lake Sammamish with Col with the idea that fresh air and sweating a bit would help flush my cold out of my system (and it may be one of the last nice days before the rains start). It was so nice and I mostly felt good. It was really only going up the final hill I could tell I was not 100% and I just did not have my usual power so I spun and just took my time a bit while Col dropped me by a few bike lengths. Once I got home I took a hot shower and took a nap for 2 hours or so.
This morning I woke feeling better - though I also slept in till 7:45a and got in to work a bit late but it was not a huge deal. My sore throat is mostly gone so depending on how I feel the rest of today I may do the 3 mile run that I have not done the last 3 weeks..

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