Sep 14, 2007

back in the gym

Once again I slept in this morning till 7a so I pushed my work out off till after work. Kyle had a massage at 5:30p so while he was doing that I went to the gym and did a circuit work out of sorts. It was really weird being in the gym - the last couple of months I only went to the gym once a week to do a pool swim and that was it - no weights. I have been doing some maintance exercised for both my foot and shoulder issue but I could do them at home and did. So I asked Col to give me a suggested work out.
I started with a 10 min (all I could stand) warm up on the EFX machine then stretched out a little bit. Then into the strength stuff - I did 2 sets of 20 on everything with instructions to stay light on the weights.

Chest Press on the ball with 8lb each free weights
Flies on the ball with 5lb each free weights
Lat pull down (45lb cable)
Single arm bent rows 5lb
Shoulder external rotation with band
Squats on bosu while doing bicept curls (8lb each hand)
Hamstring curls with ball
Heel raises
Single leg squats on bosu
Bicycle crunches
Toe touches

Then stretched out my legs especially. I mostly felt good and still pretty strong except my left should hurt on most of the upper body stuff. I went easy so it was not to bad but that annoying little pain was still there. I thought it had gone away since I have not felt in swimming in quite some time now but low and behold it is still there. Oh well I lived and in the end it felt good to do some strength stuff again.

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