Sep 23, 2007

8 miler

Fall is defiantly here. I planned on running Sunday morning with Steph a nice out and back from her place but I got a text from her that she was bailing - had a bit of a soar throat and stuff. No big deal I totally understand that and I was not really siked about going out in the grey morning to run. So I stalled and took my time to get ready when I finally I had everything on and had no excuse not to go and get it done. I only had a general idea of where I wanted to go so I just kind of did that but just sort of ran and made decisions when I came to intersections. The first 2 miles or so were all down hill - which was a nice easy way to warm up then I decided to run through the lake hills blueberry farms trails to be nice to my foot - even though I was not really feeling any pain in my foot. It was really nice to get off the sidewalks and away from traffic. The trails were great though they have little directional/mileage signs so I would pause for a second of two to see where I wanted to go. I wound up running around the lake and then back up hill. Somewhere around mile 5 - the same time it started to rain - left knee/lower leg got tight and hurt some. I had to pause and stretch it a few time but I was able to keep running through it. Almost the entire last 2 miles were up hill which always sort of sucks. I had to add some more distance so I ran around a park that was on my way back which was almost entirely empty because of the rain. I made it home, stretched out my legs some, had a recovery drink and took a hot shower to warm back up.
In all I'm pleased that I got out and did the mileage but otherwise it was not my best run and it did not make me feel any better about my Seattle time goal. Luckily I have 2 months to go and it seems like I need to keep up a massage scheduled to keep injuries at bay.

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