Sep 18, 2007

I thought things would slow down

After Ironman but no not at all I seem to still pack the weekends full - probably even more so.

Saturday Kyle and I swam with Steph in the morning in Lake Sammamish. My plan was to go anywhere from 30 o 45 min total and wound up going 46min. Even though I had my garmin on I'm not totally sure about the distance - it said about 1.5 miles and I know I was not swimming that fast so who knows - I would guess closure to 1.2 miles or so.. I mostly felt ok - as usual I got tired on the way back and felt a bit fatigued - like I was still recovering from Ironman. All the same I kept at it and just enjoyed the swim.

Now on Sunday Kyle was doing the Kirkland Triathlon and rather than doing it myself I choose to be support crew instead. I had to do a 6 mile run though - now since I knew our families and friends would be there and would most likely want to get some food/breakfast of some sort afterwards (and if I ran home it would be all uphill) I decided to run to the race. I left the house at 5:05a and headed out with reflective stuff, a headlamp, long sleeve, and vest. It was very dark and extremely quiet. I run was very uneventful - took a good 3+ miles to warm up. Legs felt good and only saw 6 cars until I got to the race area. I felt good so I kept running and got about 6.5 miles in 57:03 min and had enough time to change into warmer clothes long before the race started.
Kyle, Col and Futa all did the race - well Futa did the bike as part of a relay team. They all did great and Bryan and I had fun being cheerleaders. (pics are in my photo album)

I was exhausted on Monday - not really because of workouts but more due to early morning and lots of stuff going on so no work outs. I did however go to rei and exchanged my garmin that had gotten water in it and was doing weird things for a dry new one.

Tonight after work I met with Col and did a nice 5 mile run around greenlake. I got out of work a bit later than I expected, then traffic was bad so we got a later start but it was still plenty light out. It was a great night for running and even though the clouds were dark we did not get rained on. The hills were tuff - as usual but I think they have felt worse. It was kind of weird because it really reminded me of last year at this time when I was just starting to get into running and training. I can fully say that even though the conditions and the route are the same I am defiantly a stronger runner now then a year ago - which feels great. Anyway Col and I chatted most of the way about next steps and so forth. My largest goal for the fall/winter is to do a sub 2 hour half marathon (probably Seattle though I would love for a flatter course) - which we both think is do able. Somehow I did not get my new garmin to the synce with the heart rate strap right and it got confused so it said I had a 074 bpm which was so wrong. Oh well it still got the distance and time - 5.01 miles in 43:37 min.

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