Sep 13, 2007

not quite back yet

I'm not sure if it is because it takes me forever and a day to recover from things but I did not do my planned 5 mile run today. I meant to do it in the morning when Kyle got up early to ride his single speed into work but it was dark, foggy and the bed was much to warm, comfy and I felt tired so I stayed in bed till 6:30a and then just got ready and went to work.
Work is beyond crazy right now so there was no chance I was getting out early to get a run in before meeting with my mom for our weekly visit and garden time. Even though I did not run I did prune a huge box hedge in the back yard which required a lot of upper body strength - but not the same I know. It was dark at 8p and we put the garden stuff away around 8:30p. It is not to late to run but it is dark and I don't really like running alone in the dark at night so no run today.
Other things for today was that I required 3 shots of espresso to function and my lower back kind of hurt if I moved the wrong way or something (it did this same thing for a couple days in Maui last week).

So I think that is a great list of excuses but oh well I will see what Col says - probably be in some trouble since we are supposed to be starting to ramp up my mileage again to be ready for Seattle and skippinga run does not help.

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