Sep 11, 2007

back to the real world

Sadly I'm back home from Maui. Sunday we spent half of the day swiming and kyaking with turtles. It was really hard to get on the redeye flight back - I got back at 6am on Monday with little to no sleep. On the way home I got stuck in morning traffic, then once home I showered, took a short 30min nap and headed into work. Needless to say no work out on Monday - I had to have 4 shots of espresso just to function.
Today I slept in till 7a so I pushed my run off till after work - Col had 4 miles (no less) on my plan. I was a bit stressed after work so I decided what I needed most was a trail run to take my mind of things. I headed to Bridal trails and did the 3.5 mile loop but decided to add more by jumping onto another trail a bit after the 3 mile mark and wound up adding on more than just the half of a mile I needed but I felt good so I just kept running till I got back to my car. It took me a good 2 miles to really get warmed up and into any kind of rhythm but once I did it was great and totally made me forget about the stuff that was bothering me before. The best part has to be that I had no leg or foot pain to speak of :) In all I did 4.57 miles in a total time of 41:44 min.

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