Sep 21, 2007

2 out of 3

On Wednesday I got up early and did a strength work out - almost the exact same as last week really - just added some more ankle and pt type shoulder exercises. It felt good - my legs are by far proportionally stronger than my upper body. I held back a bit on the upper body stuff and my shoulder did not really hurt which was nice. Hopefully I can just slowly build some strength to support that shoulder or something. On a less positive note - my right foot hurt pretty bad when I woke up - it did not really interfere with anything but just sort of hurt. Col wants me to go back and see the podiatrists :(
Thursday I woke up at 5 am and it was cold and dark outside so I hit snooze till 7:10a so no time to get a 3 mile run in. I took my run stuff with me to work but never had time there. Considered running before going out to my moms but did not. Needless to say never did the 3 mile run. I was really sore from the strength stuff the day before, my foot still hurt - even though I was wearing good shoes and to be honest I just felt kind of tired.
Now this morning I got up early and got in the pool of all places. It has been a while since I have been in the chlorine water but it felt good. I focused on form and did a bunch of drills. I was not very fast at all but I have time to get faster (maybe). I think the biggest accomplishment of the work out was that I did not use the pull buoy - I have tendency of using it to much sometimes so I felt good about not using it. I swam for about 45 min and 2000 yrds. I also found it hard to get back in the habit of counting my laps and stuff - I got lost a few times - luckily I knew my pace and was able to use my watch to help keep track. I think I may get a few lessons in the next couple of weeks to get some new motivation/focus in the pool.

Overall I feel good - kind of tired I think I need to go to bed before 11p to be able to get up and function well all day but it is hard - so we will see. Also I have been eating way to much sugar lately and I need to stop that so I'm trying to cut back - I don't really need m&ms...

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