Sep 12, 2007

nice little ride

Tonight after work Col, Steph and I met up and did the lake samm loop - it was my first time back on the bike since IMC and it felt sort of strange to be getting ready to ride. Though it only took a mile or so for my legs to get in to bike mode. It actually felt great to be back on the bike - I was sort of shocked at how good it felt. The nice thing about the lake loop is it has a bit of everything, a few hills, some flats but nothing to intense which was exactly what I needed. We mostly just cruised along - I never even really looked at my speed just rode how I felt and enjoyed hanging out with Col and Steph. My legs felt great and I was able to climb all the hills on the lake with ease. Since Col and I started up at the top of Northrup hill we had to get back up and I talked her into doing Bell Red road instead of Northrup mostly because there is a mile of recovery after getting to the top. I was able to mostly spin up the hill - though that hill is never easy but it felt good to work hard. In all it was only 21.82 miles with a total time of 1:26:24.

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