Aug 9, 2007

catch up

Lets see it has been a few days - so just a short recap of what I have been doing for training. I'll try and get back in the groove of posting daily but things have just been busy at work and of course with training so it is hard to find the time with out loosing sleep time.

Monday evening I met up with Col for an open water swim at green lake after work. The lake was surprisingly calm and kind of a bit chilly to start. We swam out for 25 min and then back for a total of 50min. I felt really good, just focused on my form and had a good time.
Afterwards we went and got jamba juice and talked about my nutrition and overall plan for IMC.

Tuesday I ran 5 miles. My left leg felt a bit tight but surprisingly not to bad. My right foot has been acting up and it hurt to start - I probably should have run on a softer surface but it was easier just to run on the road. It seems to hurt more when I'm just walking around than when I'm actually running esp after the first couple miles. In all it took me about 42:34 with hills and all.

Wednesday I had a great massage - she went to town on my legs - and otherwise it was a nice rest day.

Tonight/Thursday Kyle met up with me and we ran around the Bellevue park loop. He brought his gps thing so we finally found out the actual distance - .42 of a mile for a loop - which is retarded since all the signs says half a mile.. Anyway so I ran 8.5 loops or about 3.5 miles. Col told me go hard and do some tempo work so I did. I managed to forget sunglasses or a hat and I wore all black which sucked because it was sunny and rather hot. My first couple of miles were difficult - my legs felt heavy, my foot ached, I was squinting in the sun and I was burning up. I finally loosened up around almost mile 3. I still went hard every other loop and moderate hard on the others. I was pleasantly surprised that my left leg did not hurt at all - always good :) In all it took me 27:28 to finish up the run and I walked a bit more to loosen up and kind of stretch.

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