Aug 14, 2007

make it a short

I'm going to do this quickly so I can go to bed and then wake up early to do a brick...

First thing I did after work was stop by the Seattle REI and got me a Garmin forerunner 305 and a cadence thing to go with it - sadly it requires 3 hours of battery charging before using so I did not get to use it tonight.

Next I did about a 4 mile run around green lake - including 3 tempo intervals (at 15 min, 20 min and 25 min) then picked up the pace for about the last half mile (though I don't know for sure how far it was). My right foot only hurt a bit at the start but once I was warmed up it was fine. No lower leg pain in either leg - not even any real tightness to speak of :) In all it took me 31:56.

I finished my run about 5 min before Col arrived for an open water swim. I quickly grabbed my swim stuff out of my car and headed down to the water and got in my wetsuit. Col had planned a 45 min swim - so we swam out paused for a moment at around 10ish min and she told me to do two 1 min hard intervals before we turned around at 23 min. So I did the 1st one at 14 min and the second at 19 min - both times I was surprised at how quickly a min went by. I then turned around to head back at 23 min and took a second to see where Col was in relationship to me. Col caught up with me about half way back and told me to be back at the dock at 45 min - which would require me to swim the next 10 min hard to make it... So that is what I did. I kind of went between full all out hard to a more moderate hard but really that 10 min was hard work.. When I got back to the dock it took me a good min to really catch my breath but hey I did it - I was back by 45:07 :)

Kyle is attaching my cadence thing and then off to bed for me.

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