Aug 22, 2007

almost time to go

Since Sunday I have been dragging - I'm not sure if it is the taper or other things but non the less I skipped my work out for Monday/Tuesday. Yesterday I think I fell asleep during my massage and my brain would not function. I took today off of work so I could get some rest and take care of all the loose ends before heading up to Canada. I think it was the best thing. I slept in till 7:30a this morning and took my time getting to the pool to do a swim. I was still pretty tired and probably should have had some espresso before but went for it. Col wanted me to do 300 warm up, 200 hard then 500 moderate and repeat 3 times then a 100 cool down. I had a hard time doing the 200s but managed to keep them around 3:54ish which I was happy with. The nice thing was I felt good and did not use the pull buoy once :)
After the swim I did a bunch of random things the most important was getting a cappuccino - yummy - so I could function. I broke the news to Col that I had not done my work out the days before so she suggested if I felt like it I could run 2-3 miles hard. I had to do some more random things so I put it off and then Kyle called and wanted to switch massage appointments with me since he could not make his earlier one so I was sort of rushed to get my run in and I forgot to grab my garmin - I even had the heart rate strap on but alas no watch part.. At least I still had my normal sport watch on so I could time my laps. I managed to get 2 miles done in about 17 min - just ran a 1 mile loop around my house twice. I finished with just enough time to clean up a bit before heading out for a massage.

I spent the rest of the day prepping my bags and packing so now I'm all packed and Kyle is pretty much packed as well so I think we are as ready as we can be. The crew will head up north tomorrow morning not to early but early enough. My mom and her friend Jerry are going to come up on Friday so they can watch the race and last night she made a sign for us to see as we go by them on the course which I think is super cute.
I have to say I'm defiantly getting excited. I feel confident in my training and my plan A and B. I think I will do just fine :) (fingers fully crossed of course lol). I hope that I can have some non-caffeine induced energy soon but I think I will have no choice with all the energy of the race and everything once we get up to Penticton.

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