Aug 20, 2007

the taper is messing with me

It was planned that Kyle and I would go over to Stephs' place on Lake Samm and swim Sunday Morning but at 8:30a she txt me saying it was nasty on the water. So we stayed in bed and postponed our swim a bit longer. At 9a not much had changed - it was rainy and wavy on the lake - in all not a ideal long swim situation so we bailed on swimming in Lake Samm. The weather was really unmotivating. We talked with Col and Bryan and they felt similar so we all decided to postpone the swim till later in the day and hope for the best. Kyle and I chilled around the house watching soccer and ate some breakfast. I checked in with Bryan a few times and finally they decided they would swim at 1:30p at green lake so we choice to join them. By this time I was tired (not sleepy tired but just tired). I'm not totally sure why since I had done nothing all day thus far - but all the same I was. We got stuck in some traffic of course going across the bridge and finally got top the park and I realized I had forgot my garmin at home :( so I would not know how far I actually swam.
Anyway we got in the water as the rain stopped falling - the water was warm, rather calm and the lake was empty. Col adjusted my training plan from a 90 min swim to a 70 min swim which I was all for. Once in the water they were off at blazing speeds - I still felt tired and just went my own pace. I sighted off them them and just fallowed behind. Around 15 min they hung out and waited for me - probably about 5 min or more I would guess and they were off again. No big deal the nice thing is I know I can swim forever even when I'm tired - I'm just not as fast as the rest of the crew. But otherwise I felt just fine. We reached the docs on the other side and I was at 34 min so I could just turn back but they were not so them swam out to a buoy and added some more distance. I just cruised back to where we started - they passed me about half way. It was better on the way back - the lake was completely glass and the shore is on the right so I swim straighter since I can sight on almost every breath rather than sighting forward. Which would explain why the way back was 1 min faster then the way out. In the end I swam for 68 min which was close enough to the 70 goal. Though kind of a bummer no fun maps or graphs because I forgot my garmin :(

As far as the tiredness Col reassured me that I should be feeling this way and it just the taper - my body is recovering from all the work I have dome over the last 6 months(year) and it is a good thing. I will go with that and continue to trust that I will be set for Sunday - yes this Sunday... It still does not feel real that I will be actually doing an Ironman - who would have ever thought. I feel prepared and look forward to the week to come.

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