Aug 18, 2007

a warm brick

While Kyle went to the Beaver Lake Tri at 5amish I got to sleep in till after 9am - it was wonderful. I took my time - had some breakfast and folded some laundry till he got back. It was really nice to not be rushed.
Once he got back and got ready we headed out for a bike ride around Lake Samm. It seemed cool out so I started with arm warmers on - which was very nice on initial downhill to the lake road. By the time we got to the round about I was pulling them off. The ride was rather uneventful - the only annoyance was that since I don't have the bike mount for my garmin yet - I wore it on my wrist and it kind of slipped around and I had to keep adjusting it. My right hamstring/hip felt a little tight from time to time but not to big a deal. I tried to eat even though it was such a short ride - so had a full bottle of accelerade, 2 salts, and 2 gels. I had the 2nd gel about 5 miles from the end of the ride with the idea to sort of prep for the run portion. The ride was just under 22 miles and took about 1:24 (which included waiting for a few stop lights and stuff - I need to figure out how to set up the auto pause when I wait at lights).
Next up was a relatively quick transition to a run. I took a salt and rinsed my face, as well as the usual switches(change shoes ect).
We headed out and quickly stopped for a min to chat with Col and Bryan who were driving by. Once we got going again - Kyle pulled away from me rather quickly(as usual) - I just did not feel much like forcing my pace so I just sort of cruised along. My legs felt pretty good and teh 1st mile went by quickly. I'm not really sure why I decided to walk a min every mile but I did. I guess as well as getting used to running off the bike I wanted to be sure that I would be good with a run a mile and walk a min (sort of like walking an aid station or something) and the get back running again. So that is exactly what I did. It was way hotter now and I started to get really thirsty - I had a very small bottle of water - mostly for having something to wash a gel down with - so I took a sip or two of it to try and help. Somewhere in the 2nd mile there were some sprinklers going - so I of course ran through them - it felt sooo good and was a huge savior. I felt better after that - still very hot but better. I went out 3 miles turned around and started to head back - I took a gel at mile 3.16 and finished off the water I had with me which gave me some much needed energy to keep going. The route I ran is a very gradual incline and heading back it is mostly uphill and to add to it there was some headwind. It was hard and my left knee started to tighten up a bit - not a ton but just enough to be annoying. The 1 min walks helped a lot since it always hurt less afterwards and helped keep me motivated to keep going. By the time I got to mile 5 and change I was really thirsty - I even grabbed a few blackberries on the side of the road to try and help. I did a few pick ups mostly just to get back sooner to get some water.. I was so glad to see Kyle walking out to meet me with a water bottle. I even kept going past the 6 mile mark so I could to the bottle sooner lol and once I did I drank most of it before we walked back to the driveway. Total mileage was 6.05 in 1:01:03 which is fine considering I walked every mile for a minute.
After I got my fill of liquids (including ice cold Endurox) I immediately took an ice bath, showered, and put my feet up until I just had to see the graphs from my garmin (yes I know I'm a nerd). I'm glad we did the brick when we did because about an hour afterwards it started raining and sort of continued into th evening.

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