Aug 17, 2007

got it done

I'm not sure what the deal is but this week felt kind of crazy. I really did try and almost did get my brick work out in on Wed but I ran out of time before my massage apt and who in the right mind exercises after a massage - it would just undo all the good.

Yesterday (Thursday) I got home from work by 5pm and headed out on the bike for 15ish miles with my new toy (garmin forerunner 305) all set up. I headed down to the lake road and was surprised by how much traffic there was so I took it easy on downhills. It was also very windy - seemingly from all directions esp a head wind and some side winds to make things challenging. I did a few intervals - mostly to make it through lights before they changed to red - but what ever works I guess. The entire ride I felt good and strong but mostly just enjoyed being out on my bike. It was short ride so I only drank half a bottle of accelerade and that was about it - not even a gel. In all I rode 15.45 miles in 59:18 (which includes some time waiting for traffic).
I got back and did a quick transition to run - I also had to figure out how to change the mode on the garmin - so while I changed my shoes I quickly looked through the manual and found out how. Super easy - hold down the mode button till a menu shows up then scroll to run and hit enter - very nice. I hit the start button and was off - it took a second - as usual for my legs to realize I was not on a bike any more but that was short lived. I just cruised along and did a 1 mile loop - with no pain in my foot or legs - it was great - I think it is the first brick that I can remember that I have had no issues at all. I LOVED it. I would have kept running but I needed to head out to meet my mom for dinner and to help her make some fun skirts for the crew in Canada. Anyways I ran 1.05 miles in 8:35. Another quick transition and I was off to my moms for pasta and sewing.
Oh yeah and the best part I got to see all the data mapped and graphed out - such fun. I'm sure eventually I will get used to it but right now I think it is just the coolest thing so bear with me I will stop raving about it someday.

After work I met Col down at green lake to get a open water swim in before the sun went down. I wanted to see what my heart rate was like and the distance for the swim so I put the garmin watch part in my swim cap while I swam - looked silly but oh well. We sort of estimated about 45 min or so till the sun went down so I pressed the start button and we got started. As usual I fallowed Col and she slowly pulled away from me but I felt good just kind of did my thing. The water was a bit choppy but not to bad on the way out though I had a harder time on the way back - I felt like I was being pushed into shore more. Otherwise I felt good the entire time - only got one big wave of water up my nose and just cruised along as the sun creped down. Around 40 min we decided we could be done and swam to shore. now the fun part was I pulled my garmin out from my swim cap and found out how far we went (well Col went a bit further). She estimated based on pace and time we probably swam a mile or so and low and behold the garmin said exactly 1 mile :)
Now the funniest part is when I uploaded it and looked on the map and it is all zigzags lol - I did not swim straight at all. Oh well I'm just happy there will be big buoys all on the right side of the swim - which is perfect since I breath right - so no worries.

As far as Ironman I feel rather calm - I know I have prepared as best I can both physically and mentally. I'm also excited to see how I do and be a part of something so huge. I remember last year the energy was so inspirational and positive. Don't get me wrong I think it will be a hard day but I'm looking forward to the challenge and the experience. You only get to do it for the first time once and I don't want to waste any energy or time stressing or freaking out when I could be happy and positive. I think it will be a wonderful experience in so many ways.
Ok enough about that. Off to sleep so I can have energy to train/play tomorrow.

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Dying Water Buffalo said...

"You only get to do it for the first time once and I don't want to waste any energy or time stressing or freaking out when I could be happy and positive. " okay I need totake a bit of that advice myself :)