Aug 27, 2007

MacBeth Watson is an Ironman!

ok that is it good night. It was an awesome day - had the best time(I was the annoying girl that never stopped smiling no matter what) but now it is time to crash.
Ok I have to add I finished under my goal time -
swim 01:33:32
bike 07:06:55
run 04:57:29
Overall 13:50:52 !!!!


Bill said...

Awesome job!!! We all knew you'd pull it off in the time you were shooting for! Way to move up ~300 spots each event too! I say that deserves a shout out to BodyGlide.

Anonymous said...

your an inspiration! Way to go! We saw you finish live! So cool. Do you want to do another?

Cynthiak said...

Really proud of you Mac... Nice work finishing, as well as beating your 14 hour goal!! I had no doubts you would get it done.


NW Firefly said...

You and the entire Tri-style group were AMAZING! It was very exciting to be a part of this memorable event.
Thanks again

Cassie said...

Aw Pinky! You did it! I wanted to be there to watch you finish, but I had surgery last week, was confined to bed, but I'm so proud of you!!!