May 25, 2008

we have arrived

Last night after 2 flights at abut 9pm Hawaii time (or midnight in Seattle) we finally landed then had to wait about an hour for our bags since they had 3 planes land at about the same time. Though even though the flight was long it was not to bad - we met a group of other triathletes from Bellevue who are staying near by us. As soon as we got our rental car (Kyle upgraded to an F150 truck of course lol) we headed to the condo and passed out.
This morning we were up at 5 am local time and before anything unpacked the bikes. By 9ish we rode our bikes to Starbucks to grab some breakfast and much needed coffee. It was so warm out I wore shorts and tank top - it was wonderful :) My aero bars were a bit uneven and both our de-railers needed some tweaking.. It felt nice just to loosen the legs up a bit after sitting for so long yesterday. We went in to Kona to get CO2, some tubes and random other things. I got a new pair of spuik sunglasses that are soo comfortable that I can wear with both my aero helmet and a running hat. Kyle got a pair of tri bike shoes and drooled over a Liger TT bike for a while...

Eventually we got back and got ready to do a little triathlon to work on transitions. We swam down at the beach down the street for about 15 min, then transitioned to the bike.
Which of the being the first time this year to do this it went pretty quickly.
We rode out to the Queen K and rode the course out to the turn up to Hawi. Since we started later in the day it was pretty hot and windy so I really had to face my fear of going down hill in the wind.. I completely rocked it.. No brakes and actually stayed most of the time down in my aero bars. I had a blast - I did not push to hard or anything but just rode how I felt. Kyle got a flat just after we started on the way back but he is super fast so no big deal. The rest of the way back felt good. I practiced my nutrition plan and mental race plan as well. The last couple of miles I alternated a few pick ups with spinning my legs out. It felt really good when I got back and transitioned to the run.
I did make the mistake of drinking a bit to much liquids so my first mile my stomach was a little sloshy but the heat burned that up fast. We ran about 2.5 miles in 18 min all out in the middle of the lava fields. It was sooooo hot. I was shocked at how good my legs felt - they just seemed to keep the same cadence as when I was on the bike.
Once done I quickly soaked myself in a cold bath to get my body temperature down which felt wonderful. Then had a recovery drink and put my feet/legs up till we went to dinner.

Ok that covers it for now I and going to crash.. Kyle is already asleep on the coach. It is going to be a good week ;) Tomorrow we are going to getup early and go swim then do some vacation sort of stuff the rest of the day.

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Coach Tammy said...

Fabulous shots of IronStud & Studette. Keep the pictures coming. I've never been to Kona... but someday.