May 15, 2008

in progress

It has not even been almost 2 weeks since my last race and I only have 9 days till we leave for Hawaii for my next race. Happily I am starting to feel about 75% recovered and even better I feel like I have been getting some good training in this week (with out over doing it).
I'm especially looking forward to some long training the next couple of days in 80 °F weather. Actually I'm thinking of leaving work early tomorrow (Friday) to go do a long ride in the heat and then do my long run on Saturday again in the heat. Then I can go skiing on Sunday (yes I know how weird that sounds). The only downfall of this plan is that I can't find anyone else who can go ride long tomorrow so I would be riding alone - not a deal breaker but not as fun. The other thing is that it is Bike to work day so I feel compelled to ride my bike...
In other thoughts - I can't believe the airlines charge sooo much to bring a bike. Last year it was $85 and that was dumb now it is $100... I could understand if it was by weight but Kyle and I can pack our bikes and get the weight under 50 lbs but no I guarantee we will still get charged the stupid fee. Way to support healthy lifestyle - right... But since we can go up to 80lbs believe me we will - get our money worth.
I have started my packing list, things we will need to buy once we get there, fun things to do list, and of course my all important race plan - none of which are completed but I have general ideas and maybe a few details..
ok that is all for now.. we will see if I decide to do tomorrow..

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