May 26, 2008

another day in paradise

This morning I woke up around 4 am to a huge cramp in my left calf... I screamed and completly freaked Kyle out but it hurt sooo much I almost fell off the bed. It took about a minute to subside a bit but it never really went away. I tossed and turned till about 6:30a and just got up and had some breakfast. I talked Kyle into getting up eventually and we headed to the beach for a morning swim. It was really windy... Though I was glad we were not riding in it swimming was also pretty difficult - the water was super choppy.
Kyle tested out his speed suit for the swim.

We swam out to the boat and back 6 times - based on the time I think it is about 400 yds out and back so I'm estimating about 2400 yds give or take a few. I felt really good and mostly focus on swimming straight and not getting water up my nose.

Afterwards Kyle made his favorite Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes for breakfast. Then we were off to pick up some more CO2, a tube, and some other random things in town. Kyle wound up getting some new snorkel fins that are split and easier on his knee...e got back to the condo to eat some lunch. We spent a couple hours tinkering with bikes and relaxing. Kyle put fresh bar tape on my bike - it looks awesome with baby blue :) (you can't really tell in the pic but trust me it looks awesome and makes me very happy)

I wanted to go swimming again and Kyle wanted to try out his new snorkel gear. We fallowed fish for about a half an hour - Kyle spent most of it video taping them lol.

My calf was still bothering me so I wanted to warm the muscles up a bit and hope it would loosen up some. We rode down to the long out and back of the run.. It was amazing as we started down it the temp went up a few degrees. It was great to ride down there - it is a gradual downhill on the way out and then you climb out. It was not as bad as I remember it from last year which is awesome. I know to take advantage of the down hill and then just stay strong on the way back and get out of it as fast as I can lol. I don't have to be afraid of it - it is only a mile or so and I can get through it :) I'll run in one of the days this week to prove it to myself again. and best of all my calf did loosen up enough to not hurt when I walk...

Ok that covers another day in Hawaii.. and a whole week to go :) hehe

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