May 28, 2008

the other side

This morning we decided to get up early and drive across the island to explore Hilo via the Saddle road. Kyle loved it - he had a blast driving the winding narrow road while I thought I was going to be sick. The views were pretty good though there was quite a bit of haze/clouds so we could not really see very far. We even drove through some rain - it felt like we were at home for a second.
We made it to Hilo in one piece. We checked out the park in downtown.

Then we were off to find a good snorkel/swim beach - Leleiwi Beach Park. It had some big waves and lots of fish. It was actually pretty tuff swimming back to shore - I think we were out there for a good 35 min or so. It was fun I worked on my form and really had to work on my pull to make it though the waves. There we actually quite a few people swimming "laps" so I felt right at home lol

Once we got a little sun and dried off we headed back and stopped at Rainbow Falls, and the Boiling Pots. It was so humid we almost jumped in.. but so pretty.

It took a while to drive back and both of us were kind of fading. Not to mention both our legs were a bit tight from being in the car. It took a shower and a snack to get motivated to go for a bike ride. But eventually we did. Nothing long just 10 miles but it was windy.. and I beat it. I did not let it get to me I rode strong and stayed relaxed. I even played around in the wind with sticking my front wheel into the wind and what happened. It was exactly what I needed to feel better about the bike and it only took 33 minutes :)

The rest of the night we have spent with our feet up, I iced my legs a bit just to be safe, and watch the 2007 Ironman Championships on dvd - no better inspiration exists.

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Cassie said...

Yes but did you drive to Hilo in a Jeep with the top down while trying to listen to the conversation coming from those annoying girls in the front? Or did you get in an airplane in Hilo and fly around the city?

Ah, the good old days!