May 19, 2008

4 days

and counting till we leave for Hawaii :)

But first I had a great weekend of training. Friday was bike to work day and since the weather was amazingly nice I had to ride in. I took it easy on the way in since there were sooo many people on the trail. It was great to see so many people on their bikes but a lot of them need to learn trail manners. It was so nice out I talked Kyle into leaving work early and we rode home together. It was good - I went a little harder up all the hills on the way home and then when we got home I put my running shoe son and ran 2 miles on tired legs for a little brick. It was really good heat training and I felt pretty good. Afterwards I put my legs up and took a little nap.

We figured out the Tour de Cure ride that we do every year was on Saturday. So we did day of registration and did the 45 mile route with the Lemond Fitness team. It was amazing we got to ride with Greg Lemond. It was a good training route for me - lots of rolling hills that forced me to shift. My garmin died at 11 miles or something - so the rest of the way I had no clue other than I wanted to stay up with Greg, Kyle and Bernie. It was perfect - I just focused on staying with them and not getting blocked by other people - every once and while I would get trapped in a pack of guys who would block me till I got so annoyed and broke free and passed them to catch back up. Greg was super friendly and knows sooo much. It was inspiring just to be riding his wheel - though I did pass him going up hill a few times. He went down a crazy turny downhill at about 50 mph. It was insane. The weather was hot again - it was about 90°F after we climbed to the top of Redmond Ridge - another perfect day of heat training. After the ride we hung out had a few tacos from one of the sponsors - Chipotle and a lot of Vitamin water. Kyle got his single speed signed by Greg.
We headed home I took an extra cold ice bath, fallowed by a nap with my legs up. Later we headed to the gym to do a swim. I was tired but it felt good to be in the water.

That night it was still crazy hot in our house and I slept horrible. I woke up early to go skiing with my brother but he was not feeling good and I could not justify the gas money to go ski by myself. So instead i focused on a 9 mile run. I planned it out and headed out. The route went past Bridal Trails park and after 3 miles on the road I just could not resist heading into the park to do some trail running. It was exactly what I needed - I let all the stress of the past week go and just ran. It was so much fun. In the end I ran about 5 mile of trail and 4 miles on the road. I fallowed it up with another extra icy ice bath, recovery drink and a nap.

I got a strong swim in tonight even though my legs are tired in a very good way. It was totally worth it I'm really happy with my cycling this weekend - I wanted to get on my bike a bit more and that is what I did. I feel strong and ready. I have my race plan and goals and just keep going through them in my head.

This week is mostly about juggling my schedule and getting ready to travel. Then we have a full week in Hawaii to get used to the heat, get a little training in and generally have a fun vacation :)
ok back to making my packing list...

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