May 11, 2008

recovery week

After my kick ass race last week I got to have the past week to recover as much as I possibly could in one week. Monday after work I went for a super easy hour bike ride out on the trail to spin out my legs. I was pretty sore and it really did helped to warm them up. Tuesday i was more tired than sore so I would up cutting my swim short and going to bed early. Since I was so tired Coach Col gave me Wednesday off which was very nice. Except of course work became crazy and I wound up not getting my run in on Thursday - so 2 days off... Friday I barley made it to the pool before it closed and again had to cut it short because the pool was closing.
I did better on the weekend workouts - a nice and easy bike ride. I rode out to my moms house and hung out with her and Jerry for an hour of so before riding home. She was so happy playing in her garden all weekend :)
Today we had breakfast with Kyle's mom at Portage Bay cafe and the most yummy oatmeal with fresh fruit on top.. Then we went to REI and I got a smaller backpack for riding my bike into work - and they had a pair of sidi T2 2007 shoes on major clearance so I will need to start breaking them and my feet in. We also went to Speedy Reedy - Kyle got a 2XU tri top and shorts and I got the Giro Aero helmet since Kyle pretty much owns the one I got last year.
Kyle wanted to get a swim in so we went to the pool - I only swam maybe 1500 yrds but the fun part was we played with the video camera so I got to see how weak my catch and pull is. I do some weird things with my hand once it enters the water...
Afterwards we sat in the hot tub which was not really that warm and I stretched out my legs and relaxed. We came home and chilled for a couple hours before going for a 7 mile run around 7:30ish. I'm very happy I decided to run a flat route my legs felt kind of heavy and most of my body still felt kind of tired. I mostly just ran how I felt and did not push it o hard and still managed to stay round 8 min miles which is cool - finished in 58 min :)
I definitely don't feel completely recovered but I'm glad I got out there and got some good training in this weekend. I hoping that with some extra sleep and lots of good healthy food the next couple of weeks I will be good for Hawaii 70.3 - which is coming way to fast...

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Cassie said...

Love, love, love the suit!!!!