May 30, 2008

hot ugly run

Yesterday we got up sort of early and ran part of the course - from the finish line 2 miles out then 2 miles back. Kyle lead out and forgot to turn so re ran a different route then me. I ran out to the hottest part of the run course - a long ugly out and back that goes out into the lava fields. It will be around mile 11 or so of the course and is a killer - or was last year anyway. It was sort of hard to warm up with out riding before running. But once I got on the out and back I felt alright. It is a gradual downhill on the way out then you have to climb back. It was very hot but I managed. Once I was back on the flat I picked up the pace and visualized crossing the finish line on Saturday. It was a good run I proved to myself once again that it is not as bad as I remembered. last year it took forever because I had to walk - this year I can run out of there and straight o the last half mile to the finish.

The rest of the day we relaxed mostly. We did go down to the beach to check out the turtles and even got to swim with a couple in super shallow water.. which was quite the challenge but well worth seeing them swim around.

Later in the evening we went out on a Night Manta Ray Snorkel - well I snorkeled and Kyle did a dive. It was amazing. I wish we got more pictures. Kyle took the little video camera we have but since he drove to about 50 ft the pressure was to much for it and he did not get any video. I was on teh surface and also had a great video. There were about 6 Manta rays at the dive site. They did flips below eating all the photoplankton that our lights attracted. They came so close it was amazing. I highly recommend it..
The only downfall was that since I was snorkeling I was just floating on the surface and it was kind of wavy I started to feel a little sick. Then of course a lady on the boat was sick up when we got back on.. So the boat ride back was a little iffy at times but I focused on the lights on shore because they did not move and that kept me from feeling any worse.
We got back around 9ish and we both passed out almost immediately lol.

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