Apr 2, 2008

ride home

Went much better. Kyle was still way out in front but good for him :) I ate all day so I at least was not low on calories. The weather was warmer and very sunny and I dress accordingly. Though I did take off my gloves about a third of the way. I figured out since I'm not riding in daily I will bring my work clothes in the day before and take them home the day after I ride so that I can ride with a smaller bag or no bag at all. I don't like how the bag messes with my balance to much. I think this weekend I may spend some time in a parking lot with some cones to work on my bike handling skills just to get some confidence back - I was super cautious around corners and just felt a tiny bit wary of everything.
All in all I got in 2:30 of riding today and finally rode in and back from work. yeah I saved gas money lol. Every time I ride in it will get easier and a smoother process (hopefully faster to). Here is to the start of getting my bike training in during the week.

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