Apr 2, 2008

ride to work

This morning I rode into work with Kyle - or more correctly I fallowed Kyle into work. I did not feel 100% and Kyle seemed disappointed I was riding so slow but I did the best I could. About half way I had to stop and have a gel and some cytomax. My balance felt off since I'm not used to riding with a pack and I still feel a bit off from my crash - I was very cautious around corners lol. Other than me being a bit off or slow or whatever - the ride was gorgeous - it was sunny a bit crisp to start but with all the hills I warmed up.
Since it was my first time riding into work I learned quite a few lessons. To start eat a full dinner the night before - a bowl of cereal and a recovery drink will not cut it (a good thing to remember in general now that training has picked up again). Also unless Col tells me to make my work outs a brick don't - last night I ran then swam because I did not get up early enough to get to the pool before work but that effected how much energy I had today.. Eat breakfast or at least something - a cliff bar, a gel what ever - eat before riding. The route is very hilly I will warm up so don't need to wear so much clothing. Pack light! - I was smart enough to leave my laptop at home which I could not even imagine riding with now. I may want a smaller pack eventually - the one I rode with fit everything but it pulled on my shoulder and was not super comfortable. The last thing is that Kyle will kick my ass no matter what bikes we are on - he rode his single and I rode my cervelo and we were never together - and that is ok I'm happy with my training and I'm not Kyle and don't feel the ned to be.
All in all I'm proud of my self for riding into work and will defiantly make it part of my training this year. Now I have to eat some more so I will have energy to ride home.

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