Apr 15, 2008

feeling strong

I had another good weekend of training. Started it off on Friday with a swim test 10x100 with 10 second rests - I managed to go sub 20 min which brought my average pace around 1:50 for 100 yrds. A 10 second improvement from a couple months ago which makes me feel good about all the time I have been spending in chlorine.
Saturday I got another swim in before picking up my bike from Speedy Reedy - I had the handle bars cut a bit shorter, had the derailed adjusted (I sort of messed it up when I crashed the other week), and new brake pads. As always they did a wonderful job with it - esp the derailed was so much smoother and did not slip when I climbed. Monique met met at the shop and we headed out for a nice easy ride to Seward park. It was crazy warm - for the first time this year I did not have to wear booties, legs or any of my cold weather gear. it was wonderful. We chatted the entire way and the ride flew by. Since the weather was so nice I was really bummed when I was done and wished i could keep riding. Anything to stay outside and continue playing in the sun.
Sunday morning I went with Kyle to watch a bike crit race at Recycle cycles - which really made me realize yes I may like my bike but I am a triathlete and bike racing would not really be my thing especially crits. lol During the cat 5 guys there was crash and a guy pretty much landed on the ground in front of me, then on the next lap a guy went down and got scraped up really bad enough to have to take a ride. The rest of the races were not as bad but still. Had fun watching but not my cup of tea to participate.
I had to get in a 6 mile run - I went rather flat since as coach Col put it I had done hills already this week so I did not need any more. Which I was perfectly ok with. Kyle was not sure how far he wanted to run somewhere between 6 and 8 or something. My goal was not not let him get to far out in front of me - I have been working on not giving up and having the confidence to keep my pace up. We ran and an out and back route - I hit almost every single stop light and Kyle got through them of course so he got away from me but I was ok with it. I just kept my pace up and ran on how I was feeling. I felt great. At a little over 3 miles I turned around and Kyle had kept going - I had no idea how far so my new goal was that I would keep my pace up and try and stay ahead of him. He caught me with in a mile of course but never got as far out in front of me so my new goal became to beat him back to the house. He took the long way back for more milage and I went the shorter way because I had gone out a bit further. I picked up the pace and I did it I beat him back! He ran 7 miles and I ran 6 but still I beat him back lol - I stuck with it and never went negative and gave up - it was awesome I was so proud of myself. I ran 6 miles in 46 min - that is a 7:43 pace and I felt great. I never had to dig to deep - it was just awesome.
Monday was a much needed rest day and I loved every minute of it - slept in a bit, payed taxes (not so fun but had to be done), ate dinner at a normal time, took care of some loose ends. Then tonight I had a brick work out with Col - ride 90 minutes and then run 2 miles. We wound up riding on trainers in her garage because the roads were wet and it was on and off rain. I was not really full of energy during the day but once I got on my bike and warmed up I felt pretty good and enjoyed the hour of intervals + 30 min of spinning. The best part was the run we did a fast transition and my legs felt really really good. I just let my legs go and went out pretty hard for the 1st mile and then eased up for the 2nd mile. I was shocked at how good my legs felt running off the bike - we did the first mile in 7:25! Haha that is awesome.
And with that I'm going to crash so I can be rested for tomorrows work out :)

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