Apr 9, 2008

love recovery weeks

I ended last week with a great weekend of training - 3 hour ride on saturday and a 10 mile run on Sunday. I felt great doing both and now I'm enjoying a much needed recovery week. I had Monday completely off from training - which was great but always feels weird. I started Tuesday with pilates with Col and then in the evening Coach Col kicked my ass with hill repeats times 6 - as with recovery weeks I did not have much pep in me but I muscled my way though it. Of course I managed to forget my garmin :( I think my brain sort of shuts down to help recovery or something.

This morning I had planned to ride in to work (or at least half way in) but I woke up late and just could not get out of the house in time so I drove my bike to work. The weather was amazing on the way in and I sort of wished I had ridden in but oh well. Instead of riding home - since I don't have overnight parking at work I drove to Mercer Island and rode the island loop and out on to the bridge (to get some side wind training) and back to get about an hour+ ride in on my single. I had to ride with no socks because I seemed to have forgoten them durring my morning rush out of the house. Luckily even though the sky looked stormy at times I managed to stay dry and it was even sunny part of the time. I love getting out on my single it is great for base training and keeps me honest - no cheating with those gears. I had to take a picture it was so pretty - just before sunset. And yes I'm a dork for taking a seft portrait but hey I was having fun. lol

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jay said...

I agree... when I am on recovery during a strong build... my brain kindof slows down too. Fortunatly I have a job that doesn't require too much thinking... otherwise I would be in trouble. :)