Feb 7, 2009

breaking through

The flu nocked me out completely for a week and then I spent another week still feeling the effects of it as I tried to get back to the real world. I did most of my work outs last week but with little to no pep or power but it did feel good to exercise.
I felt the best in the pool - my stroke is feeling pretty good and was able to find a good rhythm. Though I did do all my swims in the evening and slept through masters swim. My run and riding was the most effected. On Wednesday I ran close to 10 m/mi pace for :45 - it was just painful - I could not take deep breaths and my legs felt tired and sore. My ride on saturday felt similar - I tried to ride with Kyle but could not even hang on his wheel without coughing up a storm and my heart rate soaring. With in the first :30 I was officially dropped and just rode easy for the rest of the 2 hour ride. After feeling so beat up on Saturday i spent the rest of the day on the couch half asleep.
Lucky for me my run yesterday (Sunday) surprisingly felt much better. We went over to green lake to have coffee with his Mom and then he ran for 1:20 and I ran for :60. Of course the first mile my legs felt heavy and my foot ached a little bit but as I warmed up I continued to feel better. I did not cough as much as I did not the bike and just enjoyed running. The best part was I was able to keep my heart rate down and run 8:30 m/mi pace - which is back to my pre-flu average easy run pace. Needless to say I was a lot happier after running and finally feel like I won't have the flu forever.
With that my plan is to continue to try and get over it completely this week so that I can really get back into training for my goals this year.

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